• Heart Bikini

    Heart Bikini

    made with polyamide, 180gram, ruffle waistband, looks sexy and lovely.

  • Leopard Monokini

    Leopard Monokini

    made with polyamide, 180gram, 3 lines of waistband drawstring, adjustable.

  • Student Skirt Swimwear

    Student Skirt Swimwear

    created with polyamide, 180gram, white piping, traditional style.

  • Crinkle Tankini

    Crinkle Tankini

    designed with polyamide, 220gram, mature and modern look, color changable.

  • Marine Swimming Set

    Marine Swimming Set

    made with polyamide, 180gram, stripe prints, black bottom included, color changable.

  • Knot Bikini

    Knot Bikini

    made with polyamide, 180gram, adjustable strap, removable pad, color changable.

  • Simple One Piece

    Simple One Piece

    made with polyamide, 200gram, white shoulder strap, looks contrary.

  • Triangle Cup Monokini

    Triangle Cup Monokini

    designed with polyamide, 220gram, removable pad, mature look, many color available.

  • Zebra Monokini

    Zebra Monokini

    designed with polyamide, 180gram, hot and sexy, wild look, adjustable straps and chest band.